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‘Hoax Hunters #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Hoax Hunters 3Hoax Hunters is the story of a special team armed with scientific and magical powers that searches the world for reported “cryptids,” mystical creatures like the Yeti or the Jersey Devil.  Instead of exposing them to be true, they “prove” them false in order to to preserve their existence.

Jack Lawson is the team leader, former FBI, and son of a previous Hoax Hunter.  Regan Tate is a former child actress who possesses telekinetic powers.  Ken Cadaver is a formerly dead scientist with mind powers.  Murder is a U.S. astronaut who now exists as a conscientious link between crows.   

In the series’ third issue, writers Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley continue the team’s adventure in the Louisiana bayou as they face a trans-dimensional monster of unspeakable power and a madman from Jack’s past who threatens the extinction of an entire species.   

First, one of my favorite aspects of this book is team dynamic.  Characters with special traits, abilities, and powers working together is at the very heart of some of the best published titles, past and present.  Think of Scooby-Doo with parts of Fringe and Torchwood.   

Second, I like the easily accessible artwork by Axel Medellin and the colors by Charo Solis.  It is vibrant and enthralling, and composed similarly to a television series.  Two great sequences are a contrast of plot and color.  After a narrow escape, Jack convinces Ken to read his mind to find a vital peace of information from the past.  During this scene, the warm hues of sunrise suggest discovery.  Later that night, the team interrogates a mystical bokor voodoo witch doctor.  The deep violets found during this scene reek of secrets and danger.  

Third, I like the brief dossier of the plot and characters on the inside cover.  For a new reader of the series like me, it gets you up to speed pretty efficiently.  Even though the books is on its fourth issue, you could start with this one and pick up the back issues form your local comic shop later.    

If you love a team-centered adventure with a mystical twist, you might dig Hoax Hunters #3.




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