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Bunny in the Moon: Advance Comic Book Review


Bunny in the MoonNot being a comic reader prior to reading Bunny in the Moon by Tara McPherson, this was certainly a good place for me personally to start. It was pretty art, with no specific story to follow, and a super easy and enjoyable read! It was right up my alley with colorful and feminine art. Bunny in the Moon is a perfect place to start, if you are looking to get into comics.

An artist based out of New York City, McPhearson’s work has been seen all over galleries, music posters, and coffee table books. She has a huge following of fans who use her art as tattoos, which she encourages with a whole section of her website devoted to fan pictures she receives. She can always be found at the usual comic cons in both New York and California, promoting her art. In 2010, her Bunny in the Moon collection was shown in the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York. She has held solo shows across the country, as well as participated in various exhibits with other artists. Now, her work is published for everyone’s enjoyment in this comic book. 

In her third volume, McPherson’s collection of art combines a variety of mediums, including painting and photographs of her handmade sculptures. Her art doesn’t follow a traditional comic book story with characters and dialogue; however, she has a highly creative and unique style. Her drawings are cartoonish, but with adult themes. 

The layout of the comic begins with sketches of McPherson’s work, a window into her drawing process. You can see the beginnings of her idea and how it changes in the following images. The next page holds the finalized and full color images. With some images, there will be a second page showing a zoomed-in look at a particular section of the artwork. Her fascination with eyes is prominent. A whole section of the comic is drawings of women with flowers around their right eye. Always large and highlighted in some way, they are the focal point in many images in the rest of her work, particularly with her sculptures seen in the final pages of the comic. 

I highly recommend checking out McPherson’s website and body of work, which you can find at


Rebecca Lear, 'Garlic, My Soul' Contributor


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