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52 Catch Up: Green Lantern: New Guardians

Green Lantern New Guard52 Catch Up is a series devoted to looking at issues from DC’s New 52 and seeing how they’re faring now that they’re underway, why they’re worth reading (or not), and places we hope they will go in time.




Members of the 7 emotional spectrum teams must band together to protect the universe against a threat never before seen.  Due to the conflicting nature of the individuals and their respective organizations, the group has a hard time working together despite their mutual goals; however, due to the special relationship that Kyle Rayner has with his power ring and the old Guardians of Oa, only he can find a way to lead the group and form them into the New Guardians of the universe.




Previously on Green Lantern: New Guardians: Covering Issues #1 – #6

The series starts off with how Kyle became a Green Lantern, something that’s not exactly new to the fans who have read his background before.  It then flashes forward to present day, where members from the Star Sapphires, Red Lantern Corps, and Sinestro Corps lose their power rings; soon after, Kyle is shown saving civilians from a falling construction crane, only to be assaulted by power rings from the above-mentioned groups, as well as from the Blue Lantern Corps, Agent Orange, and Indigo Tribe, all claiming him as their new owner.  His confusion is further compounded when members each of the Sapphires, Red Lanterns, Sinestro Corps, and Indigo Tribe come seeking their wayward rings and demanding answers.

With the assistance of Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps, Kyle is able to flee Earth and head to Oa in order to find out what is going on.  When he arrives he is astonished to find Ganthet, the Guardian who personally gave him his power ring, has had his emotions removed from his fellow Guardians.  Enraged, Kyle lashes out for answers, and all seven rings combine their powers, giving Kyle unbelievable abilities—which only last for a few moments before 5 of the rings are destroyed.  The Guardians attempt to revoke Kyle’s membership and take his power ring, but find they no longer can control it; it has become bonded to Kyle in a very strange fashion.  Suddenly, the other “new guardians” enter the Citadel, along with Agent Orange himself, and a new battle takes place between the three different groups.  Recovered, Kyle calls for a retreat, so as to figure out from Agent Orange just what is going on.

Back at Agent Orange’s base, it is revealed that some unknown force tried to take his power ring from him.  He then sent his construct, Glomulus, to track the other power rings and find out what was going on.  Soon after, he discovered that at the center of the galaxy, a huge artificial construction the size of a star system was exerting intense gravitational power; it is here that he sends Kyle and the others to investigate the situation.  Globes—worlds that seem to resemble actual planets in the universe—“orbit” the center of the construction, and team breaks up into pairs to investigate.  Each globe has a population never before seen, who believe their benefactor, the archangel Invictus, shall protect them.

Once Invictus makes his appearance, it becomes known that Agent Orange has had previous experience with him.  Kyle and the others, unaware of the past association and feeling as though they’ve been put in the middle of a fight that doesn’t truly involve them, try to stave off the all-powerful beings machinations.  Saint Walker attempts to heal him, only to discover that he can’t, because there’s apparently nothing wrong with him.  And, finally, having fled earlier due to her mindlessness, Bleeze (the Red Lantern) returns with a better understanding of how things are.

High Points

Character Interaction: Despite their various backgrounds and sometimes their at-odds with one another interactions, the chance to see individuals from the 7 spectrums cooperating together—no matter how hesitant—is quite interesting.  The interaction shows that, regardless of their past associations with one another and their respective organizations, they can—and do—band together in order to fight for the future of the universe.  There are, of course, some detractors and begrudging participants—especially Bleeze—but I like how they’re able to move past their prejudices and hatred in order to combine their efforts.

Spectrum Background: While the Green Lantern titles have explored the various other spectrums before, New Guardians allows the reader to see aspects of all 7 (discounting White and Black) within a collective function.  We get to see more about each spectrum, about what their various powers are, the mentality of the organizations’ members, and how they interact with one another—especially concerning when all 7 are put together.

Low Points

Oa: I can understand why Oa prefers to be isolated from outsiders due to past events, but its isolation has allowed it to become complacent and comfortable.  Here, at the seat of the Guardians and the headquarters for the Green Lantern Corps, a rag-tag group of other lanterns are able to breach isolation and create a ruckus.  Does no one think to scan the surrounding space for possible intruders?  And, if Oa is so vital to the survival of the universe, shouldn’t there be a protective shield or Green Lanterns on standby alert?  I find it unrealistic that Fatality and the others were able to so easily intrude upon the Guardians’ citadel.

Looking Ahead

Team Interaction: I’m quite anxious to see just how the interaction between the members will continue in the future.  The obvious background differences and historical contradictory nature of their respective groups means it can be difficult to continue to put aside their problems with one another.  So far, they’ve mostly been able to deal with the problems, but there are bound to be issues in the future that will be critical to the team’s ability to solve situations.

Bleeze: While I haven’t read the Red Lanterns line (yet), it’s obvious that whatever changed Bleeze’s cognitive functions took place there.  Of the entire group, she’s the most unpredictable (and the most violent), so it will be quite interesting to see just what her newfound thinking abilities will add to the mix.

The “Old” Guardians: Based on their actions here and in the other Green Lantern titles, the Guardians feel as though they’ve failed with the Corps and believe a new army should be implemented.  While not much is actually shown within this title, I’m very curious to see just what ideas they have on how to improve upon their current roles as “Guardians of the Universe.”



Robert J. Baden, Fanbase Press Contributor



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