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‘Sons of the Devil #8:’ Comic Book Review

It’s only been back for a few issues, but Sons of the Devil has returned once again, and the Brian Buccellatto/Toni Infante series brings another wrinkle into the life of our protagonist, Travis. In the last several issues, we’ve learned a lot about Travis, including his life growing up without a family. Of course, this all changed pretty recently, when Travis found out that he not only has a pretty large biological family, but one based in mystery, since his father is a well-known cult leader.

The focus on family, cults, and the mysterious is one of the things that first attracted me to this book, and it still has all of that in spades. It’s dark, curious, and beautiful in its own way, with Infante’s art looking every bit as edgy as the subject matter. The muted color palette helps with the emotional storytelling, as well, really accentuating a story that is uncomfortable to read in a good way.

With Infante, series creator Buccellato is crafting something very special, though I find myself hoping that the crafting of the complicated story would hit its stride a bit faster. The slower pacing is fine, but at the end of reading this issue, I found myself wanting to know more and not being totally sure that I got as much as I was expecting out of this issue. 

Honestly, this is a book that I find myself really liking at points, and not being entirely sure about at others.  Buccellato and Infante have something really cool here, a story that brings families together, brings cults to the forefront, and puts it all through the lens of a character that we can understand. While the story development doesn’t always fit my level of patience, I think this is an interesting series that takes some time to digest but is very satisfying once you’re able to absorb it.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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