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‘The Blacklist #10:’ Comic Book Review

The Blacklist #10 (The Arsonist: Part Five) wraps up the case against The Arsonist in an issue rife with suspense and excitement. Raymond “Red” Reddington and Elizabeth Keen have been investigating the dangerous Cabal organization. They discover the new threat of The Arsonist, Ethan Donovan, who is after one of the Cabal’s scientists, Dr. Isak Vogel, in a mission of revenge.

SPOILERS BELOW for The Blacklist #6-9

Red and Liz manage to stay one step ahead of the FBI taskforce while they work to stop Donovan, but Liz didn’t anticipate the case igniting flashbacks to her childhood and the night of a fire that shaped the rest of her life, deepening the mystery that surrounds her.

This issue, as the ones before it, bring The Blacklist straight from the television into comic book form, bringing much pleasure to this Blacklist fan during the television show’s summer hiatus. Writer Nicole Phillips works the already well-known personalities of all characters into natural dialogue. I could hear each of the character’s voices in my mind as I read every line; from Ressler’s single-minded mission of justice to Aram’s comic relief, each panel contained the comforting familiarity of the show, making it an easy switch from watching to reading the crew’s adventures in print.

The storyline is complemented by artist Beni Lobel’s beautiful renderings of the characters and scenes. The action comes to life in each panel, providing a rich environment for the action to unfold. The lifelike drawing of each character only adds to the realness of the comic, allowing for the reader to become part of the fast-paced story and keep turning pages with anticipation of the exciting resolution.

The connection between the television show and comic is so seamless that fans of the show can easily find enjoyment in every page of The Blacklist #10, while fans of the comic can find themselves at home watching the show. It’s a beautiful thing when two mediums work so well together. Hopefully, The Blacklist will continue in both formats for a long time to come.

Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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