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‘Think Tank: Creative Destruction #2’ – Comic Book Review

Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal are back with another installment of Think Tank: Creative Destruction. With David Loren still working for DARPA and toeing the moral grey area between being a brilliant scientist and also a brilliant scientist who kills people (which is what he does), things get more and more complex as Loren gets put in charge of some majorly shady projects. When one sets off a chain of events that puts David’s entire purpose into question, David, his best friend Manish, and his girlfriend Mirra are going to have quite the time getting out of the political mess they’ve found themselves in.

Okay, now that the recap is out of the way, oh man, is this a great book. Hawkins and Ekedal are doing some terrific work here, and even only two issues into the second volume, things are heating up quickly. There is some major stuff going on here, with both Loren and the military coming to a head. That connection from the last volume continues but is cranked up to eleven, especially with the book in glorious color.

Hawkins is a brilliant writer and a brilliant person. His diligent research and knack for plotting are evident in every page, as he runs a major publishing company and continues to put out quality material. Loren is a terrific character, and this volume has really begun to explore not only Loren’s brilliance, but his past as well. It’s really turning into something special.

Think Tank wouldn’t be complete without his partner, however. Rahsan Ekedal pours all of his artistic ability into this series, and it shows. He’s really doing some major things in this book, and with the addition of color flatting by Shannon Lilly and letters by Top Cow staple Troy Peteri, this is a title that really pops.

It can be dense at times, but this is a seriously entertaining book that is well paced, full of intrigue, and just plain old fun. This is a sci-fi masterpiece of a series that no one should miss out on.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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