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‘Dragon Age: Magekiller #5’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Well, readers, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that another great issue of Dragon Age: Magekiller has arrived. The bad news? This is also the last issue of this great tie-in series. While that is a sad thing for us all, the final issue of the series keeps up the great work on this title and concludes a mini-series that has been a delight to read thus far.

The team of Greg Rucka, Carmen Carnero, Terry Pallot, and Michael Atiyeh have done a great job so far of really helping to bring this world to life and immerse the reader in not only the world of Dragon Age, but as an expanded universe story that connects Inquisition and the world prior to the events of the game.  As we’ve followed Tessa and Marius, they’ve been attacked, nearly killed, nearly killed again, and recruited to join the Inquisition which will likely get them attacked and nearly killed again. While the Inquisitor and their band have gone to save the world, Tessa and Marius have a different path.

While a great story, the end felt a bit rushed.  The world is so grand and the story so intricate that it’s hard not to feel that this massive, sprawling story should continue, which is kind of tough given that this is the last issue. Without getting into too much detail, the series kind of flashes towards some major events that inside the story don’t feel totally justified.

Greg Rucka is an incredible writer, but this didn’t feel like a climactic issue to me. It’s good, the personal story is there, but the story didn’t feel finished. A hard thing to put into a good explanation, but there seemed to be so much more to what was happening than we got.  On the art side, Carnero, Pallot, and Atiyeh make a great team. The book looks gorgeous, and the ability to craft a magical world is a tough thing to do, but this trio makes it look easy.

While the end doesn’t feel like it fits the earlier issues, this is a terrific series that should be commended. This is a fun book with a great creative team, and it will make one hell of a trade that everyone should pick up.




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