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‘Think Tank: Creative Destruction #1’ – Comic Book Review

Think Tank is back, and you have no idea how happy I am to say that sentence with accuracy. The Top Cow Productions hit has finally returned, and now it’s in gorgeous color, with even more sci-fi technology and realistic military action.

The new volume picks up with Dr. David Loren in his new digs on the West Coast. Now in California with his best friend Manish, his dog Newton, and the love of CIA agent Mirra Sway, Loren has everything he needs . . . which means he needs a new form of entertainment, aside from self-destruction and inviting revenge upon himself.

This comes in the form of developing more potent, secretive, and frankly awesome weaponry for the military and its many financial providers. Given the reaction from Loren the last time something like this happened (See the very awesome first volume of Think Tank.), this is the start of something really insane and a blast to read.

Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal made a great book with the last volume, and it looks like they’re swinging for the fences on this one. I love Ekedal’s work. It’s gorgeous, crisp, and does a great job telling the progression of what can be a very complicated story – especially given the realism that this story entails, something more than likely caused by co-creator and writer Matt Hawkins.

Matt Hawkins is likely the busiest man in comics. He’s writing something like a thousand titles for Top Cow and literally runs the business of the company, as well. A task like that might be manageable, but given the amount of research Hawkins also does for his titles, it’s a Herculean task. If you don’t believe me, check out the backmatter of this issue and see for yourself. The man is a writing machine.

Like science? How about a witty genius with a superiority complex and the means to back it up? Also, there are weapons, real science, and a pretty adorable dog. You should check it out.




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