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‘The Wicked + The Divine #18:’ Comic Book Review

Jamie McKelvie and Keiron Gillen are back with their incredibly unique series, affectionately known as Wic/Div. The gods are back and there is some pretty intense stuff going on as we return into the third arc, being called “Rising Action.”  After the very heavy “Commercial  Suicide” arc, the team jumps right back into things, beginning this arc on an intense and action-packed issue of violence, back-stabbing, and enough stand-ins for legendary musicians to last a lifetime. (The latter is nothing new, but it’s still pretty awesome.)

For those who are a bit lax in their Wic/Divs, our lovely protagonist Laura Martin is back and better than ever, making her mark almost immediately and giving the gods a run for their money. This is further compacted by the shifting allegiances of a few of our more fickle gods and the new dynamic that will be in place when all is said and done.

Let’s just come out and say the glaringly obvious: McKelvie is a genius. His work on this book has been phenomenal and is only getting better. There’s so much detail in this series, and this issue especially, and the movement in the panels really make this book shine. Keiron’s okay too, I guess (and by that I mean he’s also amazing).

The book is vast, grand in scale, and sometimes a bit hard to follow, but keeping up on the book is incredibly fun. It’s beautiful and a complex web of terrific storytelling. Well worth the read from start to this latest issue.




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