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‘Sons of the Devil #6:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Up until recently, the Image Comics (and OSSM Comics-produced) series Sons of the Devil was a series that I’d only heard about but hadn’t had a chance to read. For the review of this, the first book in the second arc, I went back and read the entire first trade, as well as Issue #6, all in one sitting. There’s something about this series that made me want to tear through it, get to the next part, and unravel another piece of this mysterious and unique story.

Focusing on Travis, a young man with a lot of flaws and some major anger issues, the series follows a path that originally looks pretty standard: a young man, orphaned and placed in foster care from a young age, has some lingering issues with abandonment and is attempting to work them out. Then, it takes a twist that really makes this a fun and imaginative book: the introduction of David Daly, a charismatic cult leader that is also allegedly Travis’ father. Oh, and he’s making deals with the literal devil to sacrifice all of the children he’s fathered.

While that’s the general gist of the first arc and the beginning of the second, this book has so much more to it. Series creator Brian Buccellato has put a lot of interesting elements into this series, and so far, it’s paying off. What is, in simplest terms, a supernatural family drama, Sons of the Devil uses cults, horror, and real, human elements to make this such a weird and exciting piece of art.

While Buccellato’s creative vision cannot be denied, artist Toni Infante really makes his mark on this series. It’s beautifully drawn, colored, and designed. The characters are interesting, and it’s a really gorgeous landscape that Infante has brought to life.

Like cults, three-dimensional characters, and some spooky things along the way? This is the book for you. It checks a lot of very interesting boxes for me, and it might for you too.




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