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‘Huck #5:’ Comic Book Review

There are two ways this series can go: finish weakly and be a grand disappointment or keep soaring and finish better than it started.

I am so pleased to say that this amazing story, with one issue to go, is truly epic.  Amazingly written, beautifully drawn, and explosively colored, Huck holds firm to the promise that has unfolded since panel 1, page 1, book 1 – the premise that has been masterfully built by Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque.

The story that started innocently enough with a naïve, young super-powered giant who gets reluctantly outed for his magnanimous works of generosity and his amazing fetes of strength has slowly built to find our hero in the hands of Russian genetic engineers, bent on using his DNA to create an army of super soldiers. 

As we learned in Huck #4, our hero was the offspring of a similarly powered woman who escaped her imprisonment in Russia to give birth to Huck and immediately put him into hiding.  Huck and his mom are reunited, back in the same cell she escaped years before, with the plan to use their DNA for the aforementioned army.

But, the normally slow Huck figures out a plan to thwart the mad scientist (YES!!! This series has evil cold war Russians AND mad scientists!!! What could be bad?)

To tell more would be to spoil it, and we don’t play that game here.  Just rest assured that this series continues to please and will keep you chomping at the bit for Huck #6…which will then keep you chomping at the bit for the previously mentioned Huck movie, which, to date, is listed as “in development” (a.k.a. Hollywood-speak for “all I know is we’re making a movie”) and has no release date or cast listed.

In the meantime, enjoy the source material. It is worth the investment.




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