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‘Dragon Age: Magekiller #4’ – Advance Comic Book Review

If you read my last review, one of the few qualms I had with this otherwise fantastic book was the lack of recognizable faces from Dragon Age: Inquisition. If I didn’t know how comics were made, I’d be thinking that the creative team on the book was listening to me specifically, because four issues in and the one problem I had with the book has been solved in spades.

With Marius and Tessa now working with the Inquisition, some of the faces we all know and love from the most recent game have made their appearance. The book has now caught up with the lore of the game as well, as the Inquisitor (you, if you play the game) is well on their way to saving the world from the Breach, the Venatori, and all of the evil beings that live in this world. Now, Tessa and Marius are a big part of their merry band. I won’t spoil the team member that makes their way into the pages of the book, but it’s one of my favorite supporting team members in the game, and they’re pretty fantastic.

Rucka nails it once again, not only with a great story to support the lore, but with the voices of the characters. Not only are our leads great and captivating characters, but he nails the mannerisms and the voices of the familiar faces, as well.

Carmen Carnero, Michael Atiyeh, and Terry Pallot deserve just as much credit as Rucka for making this such a fun and well-rounded book. As a fantasy title, there is a lot to do and a lot to get right, especially since this is a licensed book. They do a fantastic job of getting the setting, the look, and the imagery of the magic right.

If you’re still reading this book (and these reviews) after four issues and don’t know the game series, then congratulations on sticking around and getting a great book. But, this is seriously one of the best tie-in series I’ve ever read, and one that does nothing but augment the source material. The world of Dragon Age is in good hands with Dark Horse and with the creative team on this book. Let’s just hope this one lasts awhile or that there are some forthcoming miniseries in the future.




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