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‘Ringside #4:’ Comic Book Review

The wrestling comic that isn’t all that much about wrestling took another non-wrestling turn this time around in Joe Keatinge and Nick Barber’s Ringside. Dan is getting set to finally finish the job and track down his ex, regardless of the cost, while young gun Reynolds and his mentor work the lowest of the lower circuits to try to make a name for themselves in the wrestling world. While the once-was executes his plan, the washed up and the young gun try to keep themselves relevant, all to varying degrees of success.

That’s a long winded way of saying how interesting this book has turned out to be, as well as unexpected. When Ringside was announced, I totally expected it to focus as much behind the scenes as in the ring, and that’s not really been the case so far. While focusing on Dan, it’s much more about the journey of someone whose been through it than on someone really trying to make it. It’s been an adjustment, but the book has taken on a Southern Bastards feel, which is not at all a bad thing.

Keatinge and Barber are doing a fantastic job making this into a multi-faceted series, using multiple perspectives to tell what is turning out to be a very complex story. Ariana Maher and Simon Gough complement that wonderfully with their contributions on letters and colors, respectively. 

It’s kind of difficult to talk about this book, because while I really enjoy it, I’m not entirely sure what it is just yet. But, I like that. If it was an easy, predictable read, it wouldn’t be as interesting. The entire creative team is doing some great work here, and it’s easy to see the enjoyment they’re getting out of producing the series.

This issue seems to end the arc, so those who haven’t really checked it out yet should see the first trade, which will be out soon. Though, if you’re reading this and haven’t really checked the book out, this is kind of awkward. So, you’ve probably read them, which is good. Get the trade too. It’s worth it.




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