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‘The Adventures of Punk and Rock #1-2:’ Comic Book Review

Making comics is a very tough job. Anyone who can make it, especially in an indie market, is someone who deserves the utmost respect. Reading The Adventures of Punk and Rock, a series from Austin Allen Hamblin and his Hamblin Comics imprint, was a very interesting experience.

The series follows the exploits of Little Rock and his partner Punk, two not-so-great guys that go on a series of misadventures throughout the expanses of space. They are accompanied by their self-aware narrator, who not only addresses the cast, but the reader, as well. The first two issues show the duo out and about in an attempt to make some easy money by kidnapping a jilted ex-wife’s animal, with the second focusing on an attempt at tag-team wrestling.

This is a pretty funny book, and one that is very self-aware. Austin Allen Hamblin has a great grasp at this world and how it operates, as well as how to mix humor with action. It’s not an easy thing to mix comedy and action, but when the situation calls for it, it’s done really well.

Artist Scott Twells does a great job, as well, using a very unique art style. It’s a bit rough, but the black-and-white style is very interesting and very pencil heavy, but it’s a style that really works for the way the book is. That kind of artwork does make it a bit hard to follow sometimes, but it makes up for that in fun action and silliness.

Hamblin, Twells, and artist Dario Reyes are obviously a great team that make some major efforts to get a project that they love off the ground. That’s a beautiful thing, and so is the story of two best friends doing not-so-great things. In space.


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