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‘Dragon Age: Magekiller #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review

It’s time to return to Thedas with the latest installment of Dark Horse Comic’s Dragon Age: Inquisition tie-in, Magekiller. Last time, our heroes, Tessa and Marius, were in some pretty big trouble, and that trend is likely not going to change anytime soon, especially with the new enemies made by the duo.

Without getting into too much, this is a great book for those who, like me, loved Dragon Age: Inquisition. Spending all that time in Thedas, walking around and affecting everyone’s lives as the Inquisitor is great, but it always made me wonder about the effect those kinds of things had on the people who live in Ferelden, Orlais, Nevarra, and the other areas of the world.

This series gets to answer some of those questions, and seeing the effect that the Inquisition has on the world as the war between the Templars and the Mages continues is really interesting. It adds an entirely new dimension to the world, giving it a fresh breath of life, and one that can go in a multitude of directions.

That ability and the skill to do so is executed brilliantly by writer Greg Rucka, along with the terrific art team of Carmen Carnero, Terry Pallot, and Michael Atiyeh. These gifted storytellers combine to re-create Thedas and allow readers to rediscover the vast expanse it is. This is especially true with one two-page sequence in the book which is a totally visual gag that works so well that I had to read it a few time.

The only slight against the book is a very personal one and isn’t actually a problem with the book itself. I love this series and will continue to, most likely. It would be nice to see some of the beloved characters from DA:I in comic book form. We still may, but that’s just wishful thinking, on my part.

If you love Dragon Age, you’ll love this book. If you don’t, you’ll love this book.  Read it.




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