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‘Dragon Age: Magekiller #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

One look at the saved files on my copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition will show two things: One is that I might have too much time on my hands, and the other is that I really love Dragon Age. A look at my favorite comic books titles of the last few years will show that I love Greg Rucka books (namely Gotham Central and Lazarus). So, when it was announced that Mr. Rucka would be doing a Dragon Age book under the banner of one of my favorite publishers, Dark Horse Comics, I was very excited. The first issue of Dragon Age: Magekiller certainly did not disappoint, and the second issue of the series keeps that streak going.

Rucka, along with artist Carmen Carnero, inker Terry Pallot, and colorist Michael Atiyeh, craft a fantastic world inside the already vast land of Thedas, the fictional world in which the Dragon Age game series is set. In the series, the focus is on two mercenaries, Marius and Tessa, who deal death to the wielders of blood magic, a dangerous craft for magic users in Thedas. This is further complicated by the decree of the Tevinter ruler that will put them on a path of danger.

For those who read that last paragraph and thought it was nonsense, it is, but it’s familiar to those who know this vast universe. Those who know the series will love the subtle name drops, the vast immersion in the world, and the tone that would feel at home in Ferelden, Orlais, or any other part of the world.

Rucka is doing a great job of dropping us back into the world of Dragon Age, and the art team is doing fantastically in representing the design of the series and its characters. It feels totally accurate in art, designs, colors, and overall tone with Carnero, Pallot, and Atiyeh coming together to really nail the look of the series.

While it may not be for everyone, Dragon Age: Magekiller is one of those books that could cross over the fandom. While fans of Dragon Age will undoubtedly love it, those who don’t know the franchise should really enjoy the rich universe and the great storytelling.




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