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‘Huck #3:’ Comic Book Review

When we left off last month, Huck – the ubiquitous star of the magnificent Image Comics series from the mind of Mark Millar and the pen of Rafael Albuquerque – was feeling the pinch of having been outed by “friends” as a real-life, small-town superhero. He was gaining the notice of people far and wide . . . for better or for worse.

This attention carries over into Issue #3 where we see Huck saving lives and “befriending” the Governor who wants to ride our hero’s coattails to a second term in the Governor’s Mansion.  We are treated to the behind-the-scenes machinations of the political machine, from publicists, to stylists, to advisors who all want to handle Huck.

But, he’s having none of it.  As his heroic tendencies take over, Huck makes a move to escape and, in doing so, makes a pretty amazing discovery.

This installment gives us a great glimpse at a simple man proving to not be as simple as others think . . . and, in the process, redefining simple.  His handling is bothersome, his escape is (the good kind of) predictable, and the twist is neck breaking.  It is nice to see the myth run into real life, which is why I love this series so much.

And, the art . . . man, I love the art.  Something as simple as the way Albuquerque colors Huck’s eyes leaves an imprint on the whole story.

Read it, you really won’t be sorry.




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