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‘The Violent #2:’ Comic Book Review

In the last issue of The Violent, the new Image Comics series by Ed Brisson and Adam Gorham, things got pretty intense. This trend gets turned up a notch in the second issue as things get really bad, really fast.

Without getting into the details too much,  the lead character, Mason, is trying to get his life together, despite life’s persistence on making sure that doesn’t happen. After helping a friend in the last issue, the consequences of that lead things down a major rabbit hole that it doesn’t look like Mason will be able to come back from.

This is really difficult to talk about without getting into what’s happening which means that everyone reading this review should also be reading the book. And, talking to me about it. Seriously.

Brisson and Gorham are creating something really special here. Something that connects deeply with some very uncomfortable emotions which is the sign of a really good book. It hurts a little to watch Mason continually screw up or get himself into bad situations, and while he’s not the best guy, you root or him. And, hate him. And, fear for him and those around him. This books is super complex.

Gorham and colorist Michael Garland create something dark and gritty, really seeming to represent the less glamorous side of Vancouver, something which Brisson talks about quite a bit in the section after the issue.

The trend for putting the spotlight on Vancouver writers is still on display, as well. This time it’s A Run For It by writer Dietrich Kalteis. While only a few pages long, Kalteis makes use of the space, showing himself to be a terrific writer.

Let’s put this in the simplest of terms: Read The Violent, love The Violent. It’s only two issues in, but this will be one of those underrated titles that everyone will be sad they missed. Unless you go and read it, because that means it’ll be the success it deserves to be. 




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