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‘Terms of Use:’ Book Review

With social networking being as popular as it is now, the ever-engrossing presence of the internet has gained a hold of us all. While convenient for some, it can also be dangerous, especially in the hands of those with ill intent.

In Terms of Use, that kind of thought gives way to cyber-warfare on the biggest social network in the world, Circles. In it, author Scott Allan Morrison leads the reader through a thriller revolving around an attack on the network right before its proposed expansion in one of the world’s largest markets, China.

Morrison delivers an action-packed ride throughout the book, one that is very reminiscent of the way that other thriller writers, such as Dan Brown, create intricate webs of story. This is by no means a slight against Morrison. In fact, it’s a compliment. Delivering on a series of perspectives, a series of events, and a connected path is a very difficult thing to do in any medium, let alone in novel form.

The book is a quick read, with nearly four hundred pages of mile-a-minute thrills going by very swiftly due to how short and hard-hitting each chapter is. This makes it very easy to want to know where it’s going next, and, without spoiling anything, it’s for sure not in the way it would be expected.

The world of cybercrime is one that takes some getting used to, especially for those not deep in the Silicon Valley lifestyle or who are unfamiliar with some of the more technical terms. This bridge is crossed well, but a bit of it can go over your head sometimes.

The only thing that could be a bit harder to digest is that it’s almost too similar to Brown and other thriller novelists. While a very skillful art to master, the familiarity can be off-putting. I found myself subconsciously (and very unfairly) making connections to other novels.

That being said, this is a fun book. Without taking too much away from the experience, Terms of Use is well worth checking out.  Morrison delivers a terrific read, and those who love this style of novel will truly enjoy it.




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