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‘Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Back in 2013, comic book writer and Twitter phenomenon Gail Simone teamed up with the fantastic Jim Calafiore to create the Kickstarter-backed Leaving Megalopolis. After its success as a campaign, it was then distributed by Dark Horse in 2014, and, in doing so, made many, many people happy. It was twisted, violent, insane, and a little vulgar. It was also basically perfect. Now, people can rejoice as Calafiore and Simone have teamed up yet again for a new series based in that world. Again, it’s wonderful.

Set after the events of the previous graphic novel, Surviving Megalopolis brings us back into a sweet, terrifying world of superheroes that have gone insane and started killing everyone and everything. Calafiore is fantastic in this issue, bringing real life to the killers and sadists that now inhabit this world. All of the characters are incredibly realized, the world is gorgeously decrepit, and the costume design is so perfect it almost makes me want to punch something with its awesomeness. This is some of the best stuff of his career, and the fact that after the success of the first book both he and Simone likely have carte blanche to do whatever they want likely helps create the obvious fun and freedom that are carried with this series so far.

Speaking of fun, Simone is unhinged in her ridiculousness, and the book is so much better for it. Simone writes in a way that is indescribably human, using a style that is so on point it hits you hard. Injecting humor into even the most insane of situations, Simone does little things like elongating words for effect and speaking in a very casual tone that all connect very clearly with the reader.

This is a very brutal and very entertaining book by two creators off the editorial leash and having a blast doing it. It’s fun, it’s fast, and, more importantly, it’s emotionally engaging. Love or hate the characters (hate, most likely), you will remember them. Also, lots of people die and curse and bleed and curse and destroy things. All of which are super awesome. This is the superhero book I never knew I wanted. And now, I can’t get enough.


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