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‘The Goddamned #2:’ Comic Book Review

Religion isn’t the kind of thing that I usually want in my comics, especially one as hardcore as this one. But, give me Jason Aaron and R.M. Guéra on a series, and I’m in. After the acclaimed and brilliant Scalped, Aaron and Guéra return with The Goddamned, a book as badass as its title.

Set in a world over a millennia after the failure at the Garden of Eden, the world is basically a hellscape. Huge, prehistoric monsters, raiders, marauders, and all sorts of things that are willing, able, and likely wanting to kill you exist and attempt to do all of those things and more, despite the world being basically in the prehistoric era, technologically.

Let’s be super clear about something in regards to the book: It’s not for the casual comic book reader. The subject matter is dense and controversial, it’s violent and graphic, and there’s a curse word in just about every sentence. It might not be too great for devout Christians for the same reasons, as well as ones that relate to their faith.

That’s not to say that this book is anti-Christian, or even anti-religion. Thus far, it’s only set in the barren wasteland in a world where God exists, and things are pretty awful. Especially with the upcoming flood, which has been mentioned in the title of the issue.

Aaron and Guéra are hitting this book hard and taking the fans along for the ride. They’re also putting out a terrific book once again with another heavy subject, and one that should be a fascinating read just to see what the hell they do with it. And, to see how many major curse words can be dropped in a single issue. They have to be approaching some kind of record at this point.




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