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‘Reddin:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The old west as a set piece for supernatural storytelling has been done countless times. From film (West World) to television (as recently as Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy), it has always been a colorful and anachronistic canvas for enjoyable entertainment.

Reddin, from Dead Canary Comics, takes that concept and runs – no, jumps feet first – into a ripping yarn that will tingle your arm hairs and, more importantly, remind you that good storytelling is alive and well. 

The story, as told by writers Matt Fitch and C.S. Baker and skillfully drawn by Conor Boyle, tells the tale of good guy mercenaries Kirkwood and Driver. The two cross the old west searching for supernatural bad guys to put to rest while taking up the jobs other mercenaries won’t – or can’t – take.  While searching for the daughter of a client who was taken by a cult, their plan fails and Driver is killed . . . or so it seems.  In reality, he is saved by the supernatural Reddin, who the cult was looking to resurrect.

The story follows the reanimated Driver/Reddin who travels hundreds of miles and across the years to kind Kirkwood and exact revenge for abandoning Driver.

I really liked this story.  Normally, westerns don’t grab my interest, but the supernatural tenor of the story, as well as the fantastic dialogue between Driver and Reddin, really made it a book I couldn’t put down.  And, Boyle’s art is extremely compelling.

It should be noted that the cost to print Reddin was covered by a successful Kickstarter campaign.  This is a great lesson to artists, writers, and publishers who have a story to tell and don’t have the funds to tell it.  Crowdfunding works.

And, I am glad, because Reddin deserves to be seen.




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