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‘Inner Beings #1:’ Comic Book Review

There are elements of Inner Beings #1 from LUMI Art Studios and Comics United that stand out as memorable, fun, and more than worth the time and effort to absorb the words and images.  And, there are elements that remind me why this title isn’t getting the mainstream attention it has the potential to earn.

The story and art from Malaysian artist Lubisan is okay – not great, but not bad.  It is pregnant with possibilities to be great.  I’m not sure if it is a cultural or language barrier that holds it back or if it is something more.

Perhaps it’s the premise that gets in the way.  It’s big . . . and bold . . . and complicated.  And, like a young child wearing his father’s way-too-big shoes, he stumbles trying to run, when even walking can be a challenge.

Lubisan, who gets some solid support from colorist/letterer Mike Montalvo, builds a universe that is very big.  So big that in involves a multi-verse.  And, as we all know with both DC and Marvel, it took decades to successfully translate the concept of multi-verse and just as long to make it really work as a story device.

There is a lot of good here.  The plot, while poorly defined, is really well executed.  The story, if you can follow it all the way through, will take you to a great place and make you want more.  But, it is the wanting more during the execution that hurts more than helps.

While I liked the artwork, I felt that the facial expressions on the characters made it harder to feel emotion for them.  I’ve seen Lubisan’s work and find that he does better with faces when they are portraits or masked.  The “action” work he does here is not his best.  The coloring done by Montalvo saves many of his frames.

Overall, it was a fine work.  Not my favorite, but certainly worthy of a read so that you might form your own impression.  It may be very different from mine.


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