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‘Wild’s End: The Enemy Within #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Having read the first six-part installment of the Wild’s End saga from the team of Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard, I eagerly awaited the follow-up series that follows the discovery of an alien invasion on the anthropomorphized citizens of a small British village in the mid-30s.

It is no big secret that I just loved the first series from Abnett and Culbard.  I simply raved about the flawless writing and artwork produced by these two industry vets.  I felt that the story was unique with a touch of familiarity and that the art perfectly conveyed the characters.  There was also the bonus of brilliant coloring work done for the book.  Vivid colors made the pencils from Culbard absolutely pop.

So, I picked up Issue #1 of The Enemy Within and plowed through it in minutes, absorbing the same familiar characters while meeting a new cast.  I greatly enjoyed that opening shot, as we learn that our heroes from the first story are now being held captive as the military and the government try to figure out exactly what happened in Lower Crowchurch.

Issue #2 picks up as the survivors start being questioned by a pair of science fiction “experts” who are there to determine the feasibility of an alien attack and whether the group – made up of Clive Slipaway, Mr. Minks, Fawkes, Susan Peardew, and young Alph – is actually aliens in disguise.  The panel, made up of military and bureaucrats, as well as two science fiction writers – including Lewis Cornfelt, Peardew’s ex husband – questioned them all, learning everything the group knew, including that it was Susan who had been writing Cornfelt’s novels all this time.  That information discredited the expert, forcing him into captivity with the group.

More importantly, the military decided to finally utilize Fawkes’ knowledge of the incident and went searching for the landing site.  Prior to leaving, he slipped Slipaway a set of keys, so the group could escape.

I’ll end it with that, as the chapter ends on a cliffhanger.

I eagerly anticipate Issue #3 to follow this fantastic story, as well as the excellent writing and artwork.




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