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‘Post Mortem #0:’ Comic Book Review

Sometimes, the things we fear most are things we don’t think about. I realized that with Post Mortem #0: The Harvesting. Out of all my fears, I never thought about being awake during a surgery or, worse yet, doctors opening me up with a bone saw.

I now have a new fear.

Post Mortem #0: The Harvesting is a fast read, but one that all horror fans should check out. The main character (currently nameless) wakes up paralyzed and unsure of his surroundings. With bright lights and doctors standing over him, he experiences more than anyone ever should. The writing team of Phil Woodward and William Wismer gives us just enough dialogue and information to deepen the mystery, while leaving the reader with a cliffhanger that just made me want to read more.

The cover of the comic draws the reader in with a frightening image of a hospital hallway complete with a blood trail leading to (or away from?) a bloody surgical table. The realistic art in the pages (Jaime Martinez – pencils and Santiago Ramos – inks and colors) underscores the comic with new dimension of frights. The reader can see the terror in the panels and can easily imagine what the main character experiences, raising the scare factor of the comic.

Postmortem #0: The Harvesting is currently free to read online.

The follow-up comic, Postmortem: Skin and Bone, is a Kickstarter project running through the end of August. This reviewer hopes that the team is able to continue with the project, as they have a wonderful start to a new, dark, and twisted horror comic.

You can support the project and view the trailer here.




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