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‘Sons of the Devil #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Brian Buccellato (Detective Comics, The Flash) not long ago ran a Kickstarter campaign for a transmedia experiment that would tell a story in both comic book form and short film format. Sons of the Devil #1 is the beginning of the comic book story. For all of those that donated and all wondering if the Kickstarter would have been a worthwhile donation, the answer is yes. It’s paid off to such a degree that Image Comics is publishing it.

Buccellato has given us an intriguing beginning, a mystery wrapped within numerous mysteries involving an orphan baby grown into an adult with one red eye and one blue eye, and severe anger issues. Buccellato gives our hero a handful of relationships that will most likely unfold as things get dark, and from what’s happened thus far, I can only see a grim future for our hero before things get better, if they ever do. Already he’s dealing with a murderous father figure.

Toni Infante (Sons of Anarchy cover artist) brings to Sons of the Devil a world of harsh angles and cinematic fervor that gives the book the feeling of being a modern-day film noir. There’s a level of ease (and unease) in the images; a very mature look and feel that only heightens Buccellato’s story.

The comic has captured my attention; being a film person myself, I now look forward to seeing what the short film in this transmedia outing will be like and how it will all fit together. It should be interesting. I, for one, find explorations like this to be exciting.

*Publishers OSSM Comics and Image Comics have kindly provided us with the below advance preview pages!





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