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‘Help Us! Great Warrior #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Help Us! Great Warrior is silly, adorable, and hilarious. In the best ways, Madeleine Flores’ creation, Great Warrior – the heroine of the book and a greenish, roundish, smallish creature with small arms and legs – looks like she just wandered out of an episode of Adventure Time. Great Warrior is the type of character that doesn’t seem at all worried about fighting the giant demon coming toward her, unless she drops her cake because of said demon.

The new book from BOOM! Studios is based on Flores’ web comic of the same name, typically a page long but punctuated by the kick butt cuteness and kick butt warrior battling that permeates this new story. It allows a look into a creative mind that just kind of goes wherever it wants to, and, in this case, I say roam free, Flores. Anything that comes to your mind, please share.

I feel like we might be seeing more of Great Warrior in the future (Nickelodeon, perhaps?). Help Us! Great Warrior is a quirky fantasy-adventure for the youth and the youth in all of us. Give it a shot.




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