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‘Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman’ – Comic Book Review

The latest in a long line of unconquerable, fearless, tough women is most definitely Cabra Cini. In Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman (Actuality Press), Cabra immediately defines herself in this role, and it does not take long for the reader to learn why. A former prostitute and crack junkie, Cabra one day turns to a life of Voodoo and uses it for good.

At the beginning of the comic, we meet Tom Spelling, a goth/emo/dark young man who has killed his girlfriend by sucking her blood. Cabra goes on the hunt to find Spelling in an unusual way: Enter The Infinity – the upper level of Limbo (that dimension between Heaven and Hell). From there, she meets some interesting characters with which she does battle and solidifies herself as a woman every reader would want on their side. Yet she manages to keep a sense of humor all while taking on creatures from the afterlife.

From the mind of Sam Johnson, Cabra is the woman that every woman wishes she could be. She’s that perfect combination of witty and tough, someone who always seems to get her way. The characters are developed and fleshed out. Cabra is also likeable, which is an important piece of the puzzle, so readers can connect with the protagonist. As a reader, I can understand where she came from, how she got to where she is, and I can respect her choices to use her newfound abilities to help. I was not overwhelmed with backstory from the start, but I was given enough information to read the comic, while still having some questions about the character (which I’m sure will be answered in other issues). The story moves along at a great pace and keeps the panels flowing, until the cliffhanger ending, which just made me wish for more.

The art, lettering, and coloring are a great combination to make the action in each panel leap off the page. There is a sharp, gritty feel to the art, and, sometimes, one can inspect a panel for quite a bit to find new objects or people to admire in the work. The front cover has a picture-perfect image of Cabra, looking like she just stepped out of a Voodoo shop with a “dia de los muertos” feel just for fun. Her hard stare and muscular arms let the reader know immediately that this is not a woman to take lightly.

With Cabra Cini, readers will find a fast-paced read with lots of action, adventure, and one amazing, mysterious woman at the center of it all. There’s everything to love about this one, and Cabra Cini has the ability to be on the lips of comic fans everywhere.

Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman – Dark New Year is out now and available FREE at and




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