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‘Malice in Ovenland #1:’ Comic Book Review

Not a whole lot of people can identify with an English schoolgirl falling down a rabbit hole, though enough of us have daydreamed of exploring a strange wonderland.  Micheline Hess takes a familiar story and introduces us to Lilly Brown, a young girl who dreads the boredom of a summer filled with chores and health food and ends up trapped in a world that makes even less sense to her than the once she misplaced.

It’s always interesting to see someone take on a classic story and make it their own, and Hess is not afraid to put her stamp on it immediately.  Though the idea seems similar, this story is all her own, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see where it goes.  The first issue is definitely full of the world building, and she does a great job at giving us a complete one, much like the original work she pulls from.

The artwork is superb and fun; it reminds me of cartoons growing up in the ’90s, where there’s a slight cutesy flavor, but you know there’ll be no hesitation if things get dangerous.  (Yeah, definitely a Darkwing Duck vibe, visually.)

We’re not sure exactly where we are at the end of this issue, but we’re certainly not in Brooklyn anymore, and I, for one, am particularly excited to see just how far this rabbit hole goes.

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