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‘Dungeons & Dragons: Legend of Baldur’s Gate #3’ – Comic Book Review

Minsc is everything.

The third issue of Legends of Baldur’s Gate is exactly the fun, smashing time I was looking for after Issue #2 got its exposition out of the way.  Though there’s just as much gleaned in these pages as in that issue, it all happens on the fly during an episode of Little Rascals Go to Downton Abbey.

Happily and single mindedly leading the charge is beloved Minsc and his ward Boo the hamster, and, as usual, his dogged simplicity and earnestness are rewarded in the most joyous way for us readers.  Hot on his heels, our newly allied group chases him into an upper city party, where lots of guests seem to . . . ahem . . . crash.  I really couldn’t help myself. (But, my editor can . . . Let’s hope she doesn’t!)

Zub is writing the perfect story for tabletop gamers who know that, though your character may look like Aragorn, you know he’s gonna act like the Black Knight from Holy Grail.  It’s just what happens.  Someone will wink and toss a gold piece at a corpse, get a laugh from the group of players, and then it becomes his “thing.”  Which then gets old, and then gets funny again, because he just won’t stop doing it.  Really, it’s such a groan-inducing moment, but I can’t help laughing every time he does it.  It’s like the “That’s what she said” of our game . . . you want to hate it, but you can’t.  When his character gets offed, I’m gonna do it back at him, I just know it.

What was I talking about?

Dunbar’s artwork is still killing it, setting the perfect anime-ish tone that feels like it allows for the silly to stand next to the stalwart without your brain going all melty.  If you haven’t been feeling this series yet or think you’re too cool for D&D (Seriously, you’re on a comic review site . . . you’re one of us.  It’s cool, we’re like the dark side, but with cookies and laughing.), this is a great point to jump in and get a feel for the world in maybe the best way I’ve seen without rolling up some stats and smashing orcs with a die.  Maybe if you’re having fun with it already, you’ll want to do just that.

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