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‘Corporatica #1:’ Comic Book Review

Corporatica presents us with a world in a fever dream.  Seen through the perceptions of a man who might be crazy, who might be the only sane person left, we are treated to a cacophony of sight and text that beguiles with its confusion, drawing us in, because we simply aren’t given much to go on, but what is there . . .

I don’t think this is really a book you “get,” but one that you have to really search for understanding.  The art style is a large part of that, with abstractions and a blur of color and form that make you really focus on what’s there and wonder what’s being hidden.  There are familiar aspects, ideas of characters, shades of meaning that have to be felt as a whole.  It’s hard to pin any one idea to the panels you see, but there’s a cohesive whole beneath that almost wants you to plumb its depths.

It’s a deft hand that seems to give us so much without much at all, and it’s a great start to a series that has some serious potential.  It’s a book that will make you think and has the power to draw you in, rather than shout out and come to you.  While your brain is trying to decipher what it is you’re seeing, the rest is starting to build the puzzle from the bits coming through.  It’s like the content wants your brain to be so occupied that your subconscious fills with the story its whispering through the curtain.

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