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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #40:’ Comic Book Review

Holy rhinoceros! I literally just finished reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue #40, and let me just say that it contains one of the best battles I’ve seen in a comic book since I’ve been writing these reviews!

If you remember from last month, we left our Turtles on the streets of New York, about to fight Bebop and Rocksteady. So, naturally, Issue #40 picks up right where we left off in the middle of the TMNT battle of the year! But, our heroes-in-a-half-shell aren’t the only ones who get to fight Shredder’s strongest baddies. Hob and his army of mutants also get to join in the fight. And, I think you’ll be surprised who ends up having a plan to save the day!

As always, kudos to Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz for a story well written. This trio really knows how to put together an amazing fight in such a short issue.  I’ll never forget the first storyline I read in the TMNT ongoing series (only a few issues ago . . . ) in which Shredder and Krang fought each other on a sinking battleship.  And, with TMNT regular Mateus Santolouco at the helm of this issue’s artwork, you won’t find a more stunning series at your local comic book store. 

So, if you’re already hooked on the ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, pick up Issue #40 before it’s too late.  Or better yet, if you have yet to start reading these comic books, what better time to join in than with the battle of the year!





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