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‘Prince of Pieces:’ Graphic Novel Review

So, Jesus had a pretty rough go of it. Begat by Mary and the Holy Spirit, he suffered and died for the people who killed him, allowing people into the kingdom of Heaven.  And, what do we reward this sacrifice with?  The world is . . . pretty awful in certain places, and sometimes in the very churches built in his name.  So, what if Jesus . . . got fed up?  That’s the idea behind Creator’s Edge’s release, Prince of Pieces. Jesus comes back with a vengeance.

Now, I’m not of the squeamish sort when it comes to playing a fine line on content, but I’d like to put a bit of a head’s up out here before we get into the review proper.  This book plays pretty free and loose with the idea of Jesus returning from the grave to take vengeance in a personal and bloody way.  That being said, there are messages contained within that are important issues to be discussed, and some good content worth checking out, but it may not quite suit everyone’s tastes.  And, that’s okay, that’s kind of what these reviews are for.  There’s plenty of content out there for everyone. I’ll catch up with you on another release that you may like more.

So, if you’re still here, let’s talk about the Second Coming.  The world that Sam Miserendino presents to us is one of hypocrisy, a focus on the terrible stories from the church: child molestation; using the image and idols of the Christian organizations to further the needs of rich men; and Catholic schoolgirls having sex. (Gotta say, this one doesn’t quite bother me as much as the others.)  There’s also other scumbaggery that’s pretty prevalent in today’s world that gets a direct punishment from the Risen Lord. He gets pretty pre-medieval on some folks.  I mean, Jesus went through some sh*t; he knows what a human body can handle, and what it most certainly cannot.

This book has no mercy in either its violence or its puns. Jesus takes down sinners with clever twists on the meanings of some of his most quoted lines.  The only trouble I had with this volume was a lack of a cohesive message at first. The first full half of this book is blood and death and more of both, but other than sinners getting theirs (and specifically those acting in their own interests using the word of God as justification), there’s not a whole lot going on.  There is set up of the larger world, but I feel like it’s mostly a bloody exposition.  We get to a point where the author’s voice really shines through, and that’s when things seem to start working better.  If you’re in for the thrill ride that this book is, you’ll love the climax. It sings in campy fun.

The artwork is well done and quite perfect in its graphic and disturbing nature, and the deaths bring a satisfying amount of goo and pain from the victims.  There’s always something interesting to look at, and the detail is pretty superb.

Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a great spin on a zombie romp with some amazing jerks getting their due in a fantastically in-your-face way, there’s some real justified bloodshed and a wonderful break from the carnage in a scene with Jesus, a little girl, and a butterfly.  In fact, that’s where I think this work shines, and I found it to be my favorite pages between the covers.  There’s a lot of promise from this publisher and author, and I look forward to the work that’s coming from them in the future.

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