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‘Dungeons & Dragons: Legend of Baldur’s Gate 2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

And then, there were four.

The second issue certainly cashes in on the promise of the first, and though there are some issues, I think this will be a series I’m going to enjoy.

Our Wild Mage friend and her recently animated companion meet some new friends, and everyone is always friendly in Baldur’s Gate . . . for a price.  We finally get to some exposition scenes, and there’s no magic that can grind them out faster, unfortunately.  Thankfully, we have the wondrous gift of Minsc.  The awakened hero of old is big, loud, and AMAZING.  Just when the story feels like it’s about to become just another mystery, this big, dopey lug saves the scene and slays foe and boredom alike.

A lot of this issue is setting up the larger world and is very likely important for the intelligent story folks who aim for the larger payoff, but I’m in low-brow heaven every time the big dope opens his mouth.  He’s exactly the type of player I love in my games, even when I’ve taken the time to carefully set up a delicate situation, ’cause when it blows up, it blows up huge and with great joy.

There’s a great wheels-within-wheels being set up here, and it should lay a great basis for some very interesting entanglements further down the road.  There are a bevy of good questions that get answers and open up more interesting paths for our heroes to explore.

I do hope that the story does become wonderfully tangled and interesting, and I hope there is that good story payoff that we all deserve, but until it shows up:  More Minsc, please!!




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