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‘Regular Show: Skips’ – TPB Review

Regular Show has some ridiculous whackadoo going on, always.  The brilliance of the show for me is just how quickly the world goes from realistic to utterly bonkers in no time flat, and it works for me because of certain characters who can straddle the two with class and understated machismo.  Enter Skips.  This guy hangs out with Death, gained immortality and incredible maturity in a single incident, and had a knockout appearance in one of my favorite shorts of all time from the Kaboom! Free Comic Book Day issue with a 20-sided die.  Seriously, maybe the best series of panels I’ve seen EVER.

Which brings us to this lovingly crafted trade paperback.  Once again, a seemingly innocuous beginning belies an adventure that no one could see coming, even the uber-mystical titular character.  What could really go wrong when Skips wants to take a vacation?  Well, with Mordecai and Rigby . . . all the things.  The story can get a bit confusing due to its nature, but I don’t want to give it away. Let’s just say it’s one of those stories that can circle back on itself.

The art looks like it was taken right from the show, and there’s a great amount of detail in the visual gags and plot moments.  Before long, the crew gets into a great deal of trouble, and Skips makes a friend he wishes he maybe hadn’t while working to get all the butts out of the metaphorical (and perhaps literal) fire.  It’s fun to see things go wrong from Skips’ point of view, letting the typical stars be their silly selves from afar.

Skips tends to be the wizened monk, kind of an Obi-Wan or Wilson from Home Improvement, the guy who seems odd just because he’s had such a wealth of experience so different from the norm.  This book gives us a look at him gaining just that kind of unusual experience, watching his usual zen demeanor from the inside and seeing just how calm he could really be.

This book is a lot of fun and never lets things get too serious or self-important.  After all, if you can’t giggle at the thought of pop-rocks and soda . . . well . . .

If you’re a fan of the show but wish there was more Skips, then this book should be on your list to pick up.  If you’re just a fan of the show, the same.  If you can’t stand the show, then why are reading this review?  (But, you should pick it up, too.)

Happy Reading!


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