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‘Ghost #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review

What lies on the other side, in the great, undiscovered country from which no traveler returns?

In Chris Sebela’s Ghost series, the answer is cool powers and a whole lot of butt-kicking.  Separated from her mortal coil and her memories, Ghost puts herself in the way of baddies, trying to sling their nasty mojo on the mortals of Chicago.  With a sweet array of powers and surprise pretty much always on her side, she wails on the things that go bump in the night with a vengeance.

Issue #9 is being heralded as a great jumping-on point, and I have to agree.  What happens when this righteous ecto-basher regains the memories of her life and who she was?  And, how does that now gel into who she has become?

I dig the ideas being brought up in this book, it’s always interesting seeing someone dealing with (excuse the phrase) demons of their past and present colliding, and there’s a deft hand at handling that here.  We’re treated to a woman who’s really wrestling with what it’s like to be confronted with herself in such a visceral way.  I don’t know who Ghost was prior to this issue, but what we see on the page now is a fleshed-out (Okay, I promise I’ll stop.) individual who has to come to grips with two disparate realities

This feels like a great point to jump into the series, and I’m interested in seeing where this existential dilemma ends up.  Can Elisa be at once the woman she was and the entity she is now?  What can stay the same, and what will she have to give up?

Check out the early questions to these answers on Wednesday.


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