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‘Serenity: Leaves on the Wind’ – Advance Hardcover Review

Browncoats, rejoice!  Firefly’s back!  Feeling like no gorram moron ever took to the axe to our beloved show, Leaves on the Wind picks up right after the events of the film, Serenity.  It’s a new, dangerous ‘verse, and Captain Tightpants is just trying to keep his ship in the air and his family safe.

It’s the kind of story the Whedons tell so well, triumph mixed with tragedy, spiced with humor in the most unusual ways.  Everyone matters and relationships that had been long anticipated but never seen are brought to the forefront.  The first chapter feels like a love letter to the fans, giving us what we’ve clamored for in the dark of that big sky (Seriously, Fox . . . ugh.), and then we get Whedoned all over again.  It hurts in the best ways.

The characters feel authentic to what we’ve always known, and you can hear the actors in your head with every line.  The balance of plot driving characters driving plot is spot on, each person adding their own complications to the world, and a moment as badass as the very first episode shows up where you least expect it.  Friends are reunited, and some not-so-friends make it their business to poke their noses in, invited or not.

The artwork really sings to the spirit of the show, the designs are just different enough to give them their own life, but there’s no doubt who anyone is in this world.  The Serenity looks great, and there’s always a sense of scale to emphasize the mood of the moment, pulling in when you just want to hold someone, driving out when cold vengeance gets met.

Reading through this collection was like getting a second season, without worrying about budgets limiting shots or scaling down production. (grumble . . . small mammalian-named company . . . grumble . . . )  Fans of the series and newcomers alike will find reasons to cry and cheer the ups and downs of this motley crew, flying from place to place, living free.  You can’t take the sky from them . . .

Getyourself a copy to read over and over at your local shop this Wednesday.  Tell ‘em Book sent ya.


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