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‘Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

This whole month has been torture for me! Ever since I read the first issue of Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland back in August, I could hardly wait for October to read the next chapter in this fresh, new comic book series. I was immediately hooked by Eric Shanower’s beautiful story and unique take on the brilliant works of Winsor McCay.

In August’s issue, Nemo kept finding himself unwillingly returning to Slumberland each night he fell asleep. He always traveled to Slumberland in a different way, of course, but he also always seemed to wake up every time something bad happened.

In this month’s adventure, however, Nemo (or Jimmy rather; he doesn’t like his other name . . . ) finds himself at the foot of Slumberland almost immediately. Before we know it, he’s being escorted to the Princess . . . by joining his own parade! Along the way he meets all the citizens of this odd dream world, but there’s one citizen we don’t want Nemo to meet–Flip Flap, the “Wake Up” boy!

Shanower’s story is truly quite remarkable and endearing, but it’s the illustrations by Gabriel Rodriguez and colors by Nelson Daniel that ultimately capture their readers. Rodriguez’s artwork made Slumberland an odd, but intriguing, place any fan would want to visit. Each and every character we meet is also special in their own unique way. And, Daniel’s colors shine best in his elaborate costumes. I especially loved each outfit the Princess wore. They were all exquisite!

At this rate, the next issue of Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland won’t be available until the very end of the year, but that will be one more Christmas gift I have to look forward to. In the meantime, I plan on seeing Nemo and his friends in my own personal Slumberland . . .

Sweet dreams!


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