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‘Brothers:’ Comic Book Review

Brothers is an indie comic about two brothers on opposite ends of the superpower spectrum. One is a hero, while the other is a villain. The beginning of the comic, which takes place in present day, shows one of the brothers in a graveyard. Flashback to years earlier, when hero Mattie is leaving to deal once again with his evil brother. The reader learns that the feud has been happening since they were kids, and that the last time they met, Mattie told his brother he would kill him if they met again.

And so, the stage for their final battle is set. Creator Andrew Harlin packs a lot of story into ten pages of comic. From the reason why the brothers started their disagreement to the end of the line for one of them, everything is explained during this last epic battle. Because there is so much contained within the story, including lessons to be learned, it would be nice to see some expansion of the story itself, which would allow more time for character and story development. But, Brothers is a good start, and, hopefully, Harlin will continue to build upon the story to bring readers more of the brothers and their lives.





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