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‘Memetic #1:’ Comic Book Review

Hey, you should check this out.  Really, just take a quick look; it will change your forever.

What happens when the world becomes so addicted to information and social media that people only communicate through memes and cat videos?  What happens when an idea spreads so quickly that it nearly mirrors the idea of Jungian collective unconscious?

In a blend of Inception and apocalyptic scenarios comes Memetic, a three-issue book that will twist your mind with the potential of the internet age in every way.  Information moves lightning fast now, and the effects were seen dramatically in the events of the revolutions known as the Arab Spring.  What happens when an idea moves so quickly that no one knows what it is until it’s so widespread that there’s no possible way to contain it?

James Tynion IV takes a look at these ideas in his first monster issue, a book with some heavy themes and awesome potential.  I can’t wait to see how this series plays out. I think it’s got a great hook and is done very well.  I can’t say too much without undoing the experience of checking this work out, but let me assure you that if you enjoy the world on the edge with a little sinister plotting, you’re gonna like it.

The art style reminds me of web comics like Penny Arcade, and it sets the tone remarkably well.  There’s a fun tone that lays just enough of a smile on your face that the serious issues underneath bubble through until the spit hits the fan.  If you enjoy stories like Live Free or Die Hard, Ghost in the Shell, or Paranoia Agent, this is a series you won’t want to miss.




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