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‘Sleepy Hollow #1:’ Comic Book Review

Being a big fan of the Fox TV show Sleepy Hollow, I was pretty stoked to be able to review the first issue of the four-issue mini-series from BOOM! Written by Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Jorge Coelho, they set up the story nicely by dropping us into the always supernatural world of Sleepy Hollow.

An older woman miraculously regains her sight and a teenager suddenly possesses the strength of Hercules to save her younger brother – this is what sets this story in motion. Seemingly benevolent at first, these extraordinary powers soon turn on these women and the people around them.  Ichabod and Abbie are brought into the case when the teen’s explanation makes no sense. Soon, the two chosen ones discover that over a hundred witches are poised to rise and possess as many people as possible. Will Ichabod and Abbie be able to stop them in time?

First things first . . . Ms. Bennett nails the dialogue between Ichabod and Abbie and his obsession with pastries (which, by the way, is one of my favorite character elements in the show). This is incredibly important, as it has to match the onscreen banter of the two leads.  The story flows smoothly, and we have the pleasure of seeing these two characters work together to solve another very strange mystery; however, I was confused at the end about where the lightning was coming from and how shooting a makeshift arrow, though attached to an electrical pole, could suddenly produce the effect it did. (I don’t want to say any more, so as not to give away any spoilers.)

The art by Mr. Coelho was very well paced and communicated the emotional connection between Abbie and Ichabod.  Tamra Bonvillian’s coloring did a great job setting mood and tone of the story. The splash page of the truck crash gave a real sense of timing and impending disaster. I liked how both artist and writer allowed space for the story to breathe.

The issue also includes some awesome variant cover art and a fun short story from Noelle Stevenson.




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