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‘Star Wars Volume 4: A Shattered Hope’ – Advance TPB Review

In the movie business, the good guys always win. And, they should! Good will always prevail, even if evil pins us down every once in a while.

But, not all villains are bad. To some, the baddies are the good guys. And, Star Wars: A Shattered Hope shows us exactly that. Well, at least it tells a beautiful story through the eyes of Ensign Nanda, Commanding Officer to one of the worst villains ever created: Darth Vader!

In this comic book, script writer Brian Wood has penned a wonderful tale of how Ensign Nanda assisted Lord Vader during a secret mission against the Emperor’s knowing. We quickly discover that the members of the Rebel Alliance are not the only people afraid of the evil Sith Lord. Even his own Commanding Officer fears for her life should she make one small mistake during the most important assignment of her career.

And, don’t get me started on the classic comic book shading from Facundo Percio with his use of pencils, Dan Parsons with inks, and beautiful colors by Gabe Eltaeb. Each panel made me feel as if back in the late ’70s after the first destruction of the Death Star. Not an easy feat.

All this being said, I truly enjoy learning about the trials and tribulations of our villains and their sidekicks. Comic books seem to be the perfect medium to explore villainous feelings, and Star Wars: A Shattered Hope is a perfect example of such.

Until next time . . . may the force be with you!




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