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‘The Walking Dead #131:’ Comic Book Review

This is my first comic book read for The Walking Dead series, and I must say, as a huge fan of the show, this issue had the same feel and intensity that I am used to from TV.


In The Walking Dead #131 we find our main characters, Rick and Carl, in the beginning stages of joining a community. Carl gets an apprenticeship and a letter from a girl. Rick talks with new friends and may even be falling in love. The whole sense is that things are good in their lives—for once! Kudos to writer Robert Kirkman for keeping the storyline simple and to the point.

I will admit, I was a tiny bit confused with this being my first Walking Dead read. The summary at the beginning of the comic was not enough to allow me to understand what was happening right away. I still finished the comic with lots of questions such as: “How did Rick and Carl arrive at this community?” and “Where is Michonne?” That being said, it did make me want to read more, including previous storylines.

I also really enjoyed the black-and-white artwork by Stefano Gaudiano and Cliff Rathburn. The lack of color and heavy shading works well as a concept for this type of story. It helps to keep the intensity of the piece. Just like when I watch the show, I felt like a zombie could pop out of nowhere at any minute! And, in this comic book, we begin to hear rumors that the dead can . . . well . . . TALK! I was scared from beginning to end just from the mere thought of this! Well done, team.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing what happens to Rick, Carl, and the rest of their new friends…




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