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‘Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #9’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The past collides with the future in the ninth issue of Dark Horse’s Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle. Written by Joe Stracynski, this issue dives in with no preamble as John Connor carries the fate of the world on his shoulders. But, can he handle it?

In the last issue, the serial killer Thomas Parnell had taken control over most of Skynet and had devastated the human resistance.  The three Terminators in the past had completed their mission, Dr. Kogan’s new biotech was more successful than she ever imagined, and life was looking pretty bleak for humanity.

Dr. Kogan finds that she has, indeed, made a deal with the devil, but clearly would rather live in a post-apocalyptic world than die of cancer. And, even when remorse sets in, it’s too little, too late. Stuck in the past and with their mission completed, the three Terminators units face an interesting dilemma and one in which their decision may have future repercussions.  With Simon failing his mission in the past and the crushing blow Parnell has dealt to Connor’s troops, they begin to lose faith in him. Now, Connor must come up with a new plan to save humanity.

Solidly written and the art by Pete Woods rocks as usual, this issue highlights a point that has been a problem for me throughout the series. Connor’s troops have followed him through hell and high water for years and now they doubt him? This goes back to the lack of leadership abilities he has failed to demonstrate and now that he no longer knows the future they no longer believe in him. Knowing the future is a pretty weak reason to follow someone into combat, especially since that future can change.

Still, the action is well paced, and it is a fun read for a Terminator fan.


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