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‘Where the Witches Lurk #6:’ Comic Book Review

The sixth issue of Where the Witches Lurk, written by Joe Pezzula and with art by Donny Ganakusuma, brings us to the final confrontation between Gina, Tina, and the Dark Witch.  In the previous issues, we saw the mysterious Apothecary Symthe help Officer LaMontague release his colleagues from the spell of the Dark Witch while Sarah, Tina, and Gina try to track her down while looking for their missing father.

On the trail of the Dark Witch, the girls have no idea how close their father is to them. As they face her, Tina expresses doubts over her magical abilities and clearly feels inferior to her sister.  The police try to pick up the pieces of the chaos Officer Fordyce left in his wake while LaMontague works with Smythe to bind a piece of the Dark Witch in a secret place to keep her from gaining her full power.  As the two girls work together, they seemingly destroy the Dark Witch, but do they really? Their only concern now is to find their father and reunite their family.

Though very entertaining and I absolutely love the concept of these two girls dressed like Girl Scouts hunting down witches, I think this time around, however, the writer did pack too much into the issue. It is unclear what Sarah’s contribution to the fight was, as well as Tina’s sudden animosity toward her.  There are several unresolved plot points which I know are a set up for future series – which is fine – but there are too many of them.  My personal opinion is that the story could have benefited from another issue to allow for a little more time spent in giving us a more of hint of who Symthe is and why he happens to always be at the right place at the right time, as well as developing the relationship between Sarah and the girls.

The art is very solid and works for the tone of the story, as does the coloring. Clearly a creative decision, I noticed that there were no sound effects in the lettering, and I think the story would have benefitted by their use by adding more urgency to some of the scenes.

Overall, a solid job by both writer and artist.




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