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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014):’ Film Review

I’m not gonna lie. I went to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie with low expectations.  In doing so, the movie didn’t turn out to be half bad.  And, as a huge TMNT fan growing up, that’s saying something.  Allow me to give you my thoughts about what worked and what didn’t work, and then feel free to argue with me in the comments below.


The film’s use of humor.  The movie was–to say the least–HILARIOUS!  And, that was something I always remembered about my favorite turtles growing up; they were funny!  Their lines were witty.  Michelangelo had a major crush on April O’Neil.  I mean, they’re turtles who love pizza for crying out loud!  And, with cameos from Whoopi Goldberg and Will Arnett, it doesn’t get any funnier than that.

Shredder was also . . . how do you say . . . BADASS!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shredder look that hardcore.  His suit was sharper than before, and his fight scenes were tense and exhilarating.  Congrats to Tohoru Masamune for bringing one of my favorite villains to life.


All right, the plot wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t brilliant either.  In fact, it was extremely predictable.  I’m not giving anything away by mentioning that William Fichtner (Eric Sacks in the film.) turns out to be a bad guy.  SURPRISE!  He ALWAYS turns out to be a bad guy!  And, although I was surprised to not see as many action scenes as I thought I would in a Michael Bay (producer) movie, turtles sliding down a snowy mountain on their shells while chasing a runaway 18-wheeler AND being shot down by baddies!?  Well, that’s just a little too far fetched even for me!


Megan Fox.  She’s just a bad actress.  No offense to her.  She tries.  And yes, she’s hot.  And yes, sex sells.  But, come on, Hollywood.  Get your act together!  Granted, Megan Fox was up against Judith Hoag, who beautifully portrayed O’Neil in the 1980 TMNT film, but I know too many undiscovered, talented actresses who could have done a much better job than Fox.  Honestly, it was Will Arnett who kept her scenes interesting and humorous.  Kudos to him!

So, there you have it.  What I liked.  What I didn’t like.  But, as a fan of our favorite sewer dwellers, I challenge you to see the movie with an open mind.  Give it a chance.  Overall, I think I see a bright future for our pizza-loving friends . . . Turtle power!




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