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‘Serving Supes:’ Comic Book Review

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a normal person dealing with superheroes on a not-so-friendly basis? Stephen Stern and Matt Yuan, with art by John Yuan, take it upon themselves to show us the other side of life in a world dominated by superheroes in Serving Supes. Published by First Comics, the story is about two hapless twin brothers whose job is to serve court summonses on delinquent and bail-jumping superheroes and supervillains.

Cheech and Clive O’Huang are the brothers in question who find themselves dealing with the seamier and smarmier side of superhero life whenever they go out to serve summonses. Back at the office, they are surrounded by a misfit crew of a grown-up sidekick, a super intelligent alien, and an ex-Marine who sometimes loves her job a little too much.  They only serve the “super” community to keep their marketing on track but find that they are losing money.  When a big paying job comes their way, they throw caution to the wind (and good sense) to hunt down the bail jumping supervillain known as “The Dominatrix.” Needless to say, things don’t work out quite like they planned . . . if they ever do . . . plan, that is.

The comic is very funny, and each character is defined quickly and efficiently. We know exactly who these people are and like them in spite of themselves.  Well written, I really like how the art and paneling was executed.  My main critique would be on the choice of leaving it in black and white. I know it’s cheaper and, in some cases, adds to the tone of the story, but, in this case, I think these pages would have really popped if they had used a colorist. Often, the penciling/inking was so busy that the scene kind of got lost. It’s something the creators might want to consider for future issues.

All in all, a hysterical ride and I suspect we’ll see this on ADULT SWIM sometime in the near future.


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