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‘Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #7’ – Advance Comic Book Review

I think if you’re a hot-looking Terminator hanging out in Southern California in the summer time, you’d find more to do than scare little kids and tear out people’s hearts, but this trio seems bent on altering their programming just to keep a serial killer alive. Thus begins the 7th issue of Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle.

While Dr. Kogan and Skynet try to rein in the out-of-control serial killer Thomas Parnell, John Connor finds himself in a quandary when faced with a ghost from his past – Marcus Wright. Alive through the miracle of Skynet technology, Marcus comes bearing a message that no one wants to hear and everyone thinks is a trap, including John Connor. But, one thing Marcus does make clear, injuring or killing Parnell in the past stops him from taking over Skynet. As Connor mulls over what to do with his wife Kate, Parnell prepares to use the Terminators to retake the Time Door and kill Connor, no matter what the cost.

The art and coloring is done with the usual professionalism from this team, and I especially like the different color hues used to designate flashbacks that are then juxtaposed against the violent reds of the ruthless Terminator attacks. John Connor’s story is much more fleshed out now that he is faced with a future of which he has no knowledge. We finally get to see him as less of an icon and more of a leader.

All-in-all, a very fun ride.

Created by the usual suspects of J.M. Straczynski, Pete Woods, Matthew Wilson, and Nate Peikos of Blambot, this issue will be available in comic book shops this Wednesday, July 9th.




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