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‘Saga #19:’ Advance Comic Book Review

If you’re not reading Saga or you’ve happened to put it down somewhere in the last eighteen chapters, I highly suggest that you change that.

Now, I’m forbidden to reveal any spoilers, but Chapter Nineteen doesn’t disappoint, as we continue the fantastical, interstellar journey of Alana and Marko who are still seeking a peaceful life for their daughter (and our narrator) Hazel. For me, the world in which this story takes place is the reason I keep returning to Saga. Chapter Nineteen gives us a glimpse at the happenings of characters and places outside the ever-present war, and it reminds the reader that, no matter the situation, raising a family requires some level of sacrifice. This issue focuses on Alana and Marko’s parental responsibilities, worries, and the usual stresses of maintaining a family and household . . . even without the additional stress of being on the run from bounty hunters and governments who wants them out of the way.

But, that’s all I can really say for now . . .

Chapter Nineteen is definitely the best issue of Saga thus far. I usually patiently wait for the trades of this title, so I can devour the story in chunks, but, after this particular issue, I’m glad I placed this on my pull list. You won’t want to miss this!




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