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‘Bee and Puppycat #1:’ Comic Book Review

It’s a cat . . . no . . . wait . . . WAIT . . . it’s a dog? It’s from space . . . maybe? Wait, what?

Bee and Puppycat is the latest cartoon-based comic from KaBOOM! Studios, and it will undoubtedly walk the successful path of its predecessors, simply because of its loyal existing fan base.  With an adorable style that I can only describe as Adventure Time meets magical girl anime and its branded, sometimes offbeat, humor, Bee and Puppycat is the perfect starter comic for kids.

If you’re looking for more substance from your cartoon comics, you might want to pass on this one. Unlike Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, or even My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which introduce characters, their world, and their motives, Bee and Puppycat drops you right into the random world of Bee and, well . . . Puppycat, and it briefly touches on the events prior to the comic, which, if you haven’t watched the animation on YouTube, could leave you completely lost in Fishbowl Space. As it is right now, it’s an animation that feels forced in a comic format without taking the time to research the differences between the two mediums.

Bee and Puppycat has some things going for it. It’s an adorable tale of an out-of-work young adult and her magical, interdimensional pet companion, and it has a style that is both kid friendly and very enjoyable to look at, page after page. I hope to see more from the title in the future, but, for right now, I’m definitely recommending this one primarily for young, new comic readers, because it will most likely serve as a starter drug for future comic comas.


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